4 Services That Will Help Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

When you have a central A/C unit installed in your home, you need to compare the process to building a championship sports team. Sure, the air conditioning unit may be the main star of the team, but there are many supportive elements that can make the whole system run more efficiency.

The more efficient your air conditioner runs, the easier your house will cool and the less money you have to spend on energy costs. To ensure your A/C unit runs smoothly, check out some of the services and options that will help everything work together and provide your home with cool air when you need it.

1. Attic Fans

In many unused parts of your home, you will not need air conditioning, but you do not want hot air to collect and build up. This is especially true in the attic areas of your home. If hot air builds up in the attic, then the air conditioner must work even harder to combat the hot air.

An HVAC specialist can install an attic fan in the attic to help with the hot air. The attic fan will push hot air and humidity directly out of an attic window to help cool the house down. With the fan, the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard and your home will feel noticeably cooler.

If your attic has multiple openings, then you could consider the installation of two fans and double the rate of hot air removal from the attic.

2. Duct Insulation & Inspections

A central A/C unit will connect to ducts and distribute cool air around your house. The duct connections can make a big impact on the overall efficiency of the cold air that travels through your home. You can hire an HVAC company to complete a full inspection of the ducts.

HVAC technicians will first examine the home to seek out any leaks within the duct system. Air leaks can cause the air conditioner to run harder and push extra air through so your home can reach ideal temperatures. An HVAC technician may also add insulation to certain pieces of the duct to prevent leaks and prevent heat exposure.

After the inspection and repairs get completed, you will notice a difference in the overall efficiency of your air conditioner. Your home may cool faster without the need for the unit to run as long.

3. Refrigerant Recharging

As warm air passes through your air conditioning unit, the refrigerant inside the unit will cool the air down and help convert it to cold air for your whole system. Overtime, refrigerant may leak out and the total amount may dwindle. If you want to improve the overall performance of your A/C unit, then consider refrigerant recharging.

The process will include a complete refill of the refrigerant. An inspection will also determine if your unit has any major leaks. With leaks patched up, your unit will run more efficiently and not have to work as hard to produce cold air.

4. Condenser & Air Filter Cleaning

Along with the refrigerant, your unit may need a couple of other maintenance services to run smoothly. Two of the more common cleaning processes includes condenser and air filter cleaning, which are typically done at the same time. An HVAC technician will remove any dust or debris located within the air filter and condenser of your unit.

Too much build-up can impact the overall flow and performance of an air conditioner. In some cases, an HVAC company may completely replace an air filter if a lot of build-up has occurred. A newer filter can run better and help create a cleaner air flow into your home.

For more information on central A/C services, contact us at Nova Air Conditioning & Heating. With one or more of these services, we can help ensure your A/C provides fresh and cool air without major increases to your energy bills.